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Branding Know Idea

Know Idea: The Importance of a Branding Guide

Having a strong, recognizable brand that is  represented across all platforms and advertising methods from website to social media and print will help establish your brand identity and ensure that your brand doesn’t become diluted.

Here are some important aspects of your brand guidelines to keep in mind:
Having brand guidelines ensures consistency on every level across all mediums. From your logo and brand colors to tone, your brand guidelines serve as a point of reference for everyone speaking on behalf of the business. Your brand guidelines are set to maintain the integrity of your brand to promote recognition.


When your brand’s image is consistent across all channels and mediums, it elevates brand awareness. Building a recognizable brand takes time and dedication, don’t jeopardize your hard work with inconsistencies. By being consistent, your audience will build a sense of trust that can grow into a relationship, as well as promote a culture and advocates.


The image of your brand takes time to build and a few posts to shatter. Using your brand guidelines helps maintain the quality and integrity of your image.


Don’t forget to define your tone within your branding guide. Define common use of language and the personality of your brand. 



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