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How to Share WordPress Access
with your Marketing Agency

You don't have to share your personal login

Yep, you read that correctly. You don’t have to share your personal username and password (that you use for everything, even though you know better) to give your web designer WordPress access.
WordPress gives you the option to share your access with a web designer or developer without compromising your login information.
You can quickly create a temporary account to share with your visual designer or marketing agency. You can give them access for a day, a week, a month–however long you need–and delete it later.

How to Set Up a New User Account

WordPress lets you create an unlimited number of users. This means you can create separate user accounts for your web designer, your SEO, your VA, and any other web professional who needs access to your WordPress website.

Here’s how to safely share WordPress access:

1. Sign into your WordPress website. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Users > Add New. You’ll be taken to a page with a blank form that looks like this.

2. Enter the following information for your designer:

  1. Username (required) — Select a username for your designer. This cannot be changed later, so pick a good one.
  2. Email (required) — Enter your visual designer’s email address.
  3. First Name (optional) — Enter your visual designer’s first name.
  4. Last Name (optional) — Enter your visual designer’s last name.
  5. Website (optional) — Enter your marketing agency’s website.
  6. Password (required) — Click Show Password to generate a password for your designer. You can replace this with a password of your choosing, but I recommend using the suggested password. You can never be too safe when it comes to web passwords, and the WordPress generated passwords are both strong and unique.
  7. Send User Notification — Select this box to send your designer an email with their new account information.
  8. Role — Select a role for your designer using the dropdown box. Most likely, your designer should be an Administrator, which gives them full access to your website.

3. Click the Add New User button to create the account. Your designer will receive an email with their password and instructions on how to log in to your WordPress site. They can update their password and fill in the rest of their profile.

How to Delete a Temporary User Account

If you plan on having an ongoing relationship with your designer, you can leave this user account open for them. If not, you can delete the account after they have completed their work.

Here’s how:

1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Users > All Users. You’ll see a screen that lists all of the user accounts associated with your website.

2. Hover over the user that you want to delete. Click delete.
Note: You cannot delete the user that is currently logged in. If you hover over that username, you will not see the delete option.

3. If there are any posts or pages associated with the user account, you will see a screen with two options:

Delete All Content — This will delete all content that the user has created.

Attribute All Content To — This will reassign all of the user’s content to a different user.

Most likely, you don’t want to lose any of the content on your website. Select attribute all content to and choose a different user to assign it to.

4. Click Confirm Deletion to permanently delete the account.