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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    We are dedicated to redefining marketing rules and outperforming agency standards. What we do is different from other agencies and services. We customize everything for you! Check out some of the most FAQs and chat with one of our marketing strategists to get your free performance report. 

    Why should I use an agency

    Is it better to hire a digital marketing agency to up your game or add a new team member to pick up the slack?

    An effective marketing strategist is impossible to find in any one person. And when you hire an in-house marketer, you get a single employee with a limited set of skills.

    When you hire a full-service marketing agency, you’ll be getting an entire team of experts who bring a much wider range of skills and experiences.  

    When you hire Idea Creative Marketing, you’ll only pay a fixed retainer. You will save the money that you’d otherwise spend on salaries and other benefits. With a marketing agency, you don’t have to think about research and development or what you might need to stay on top of the market trends.

    Why work with a "full-service" agency?

    We do everything in-house, giving you better options and more control over your strategy. You can hire multiple agencies or freelancers that work in different niches of digital marketing — such as one to handle content creation and another to focus on search engine marketing. Or, you can hire us, subject-matter experts who work together on all the tactics you need.

    One contract means simplified billing, fewer meetings cutting into your busy schedule, and no confusion about who to contact with questions.

    How much contact will we have?

    We don't have pre-packaged plans, so everything is built around what works best for your needs. Our services range from optimizing the content your team has already created to developing every aspect of your branding and content library.

    Am I making the most of my advertising budget?

    We work with all different kinds of budgets and put in the research to determine your ROAS on all aspects of your strategy and allocations. We can help you maximize your results while delivering an optimal return on investment. We will determine the right metrics to measure your campaign’s success and use your advertising dollars most effectively.

    Is Social Media really important to my SEO?

    Google has said for years that the most important single factor to them is high-quality content. Now more than ever, your social media channels have an incredible impact on your online presence. 

    Not only do the heavy-hitting search engines rank you based on your content, but more often than not, your social media pages are the first impression you make on your audience. 

    Will you work with my current vendors?

    Relationships are important! If you have existing relationships with television reps, photographers, videographers, web developers, etc. we will absolutely work within those established agreements for your strategy. We have some awesome success stories from accounts that use more than one agency.

    What advertising channels do you use?

    We are completely against "one-size-fits-all" marketing packages. We look at your business or organization, your competitors, audience, market share, etc. to determine the advertising tactics that best fit your needs.

    What is competitive analysis?

    Competitive Analysis is critical to achieving social success because it’s all about figuring out what’s average for brands in your industry and measuring your success against that, instead of just relying on your own performance over time, which is what most providers give you. 

    We can quickly see where your competitors are focusing their energy and position you to out-perform their efforts. 

    By adding competitive analysis to your social reporting, you’ll find more opportunities to increase engagement with your audience. Uncover your competition’s strategies using powerful, actionable analysis for popular topics, hashtags, and top-performing content.

    Can you just give me some tips?

    Absolutely! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for free weekly video tips.

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